Our Physicians


For almost thirty years, Dr. Sussman has made a significant impact on healthcare in North America, in his specialty of Allergy and Immunology. In doing so he has immeasurably improved the quality of life for thousands of people. His contributions and accomplishments are seen in all areas: research, clinical practice, teaching and administrative.

A major focus of his research for many years was natural rubber latex allergy. Dr. Sussman recognized and reported the first cases of latex allergy, leading to widespread declines in the use of latex in the healthcare industry.

Other common diseases being studied by Dr. Sussman include chronic idiopathic urticaria, commonly known as hives, a poorly understood disease affecting the quality of life of many patients. Dr. Sussman and his co-workers were the first to point out that chronic hives were not related to food allergies.

Other research projects that Dr. Sussman is currently involved in include life-threatening swelling – angioedema – of unknown cause, and marijuana allergy, which is becoming more common with increased medicinal use.

Dr. Sussman is part of a medical tradition started by his father and now continued by his son. In 2009 he published 2 articles co-authored by 3 generations of his family. This in itself is a remarkable accomplishment attesting to his commitment to patients and the medical field.